World 3 Report 19

Here it is, the report that you all have better been waiting for! I present…


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  1. Sebby19

    I am definately loving these guys. They do look very fun to fight with indeed.

    That second ninja that ‘kicked off of nothing’ in the beggining, actually looked nice. It almost looked like he skidjumped off the floor to avoid your incoming attack.

    I’m not sure how hard this would be to code, but since you made the camera knows where you are going to land, perhaps you can apply the same thing to the ninjas? If a ninja could detect you’re going to pounce him, he should jump back instead of charging forward. Just a thought.

    Also, I agree WJUK on the death animation. With the current one, you don’t KNOW if they are dead are not, so you have to search where they fall. A puff of smoke is much more satisfactory.

    Again, loving these guys!

  2. wallross

    How about a wave based ninja attack mode? That would be cool…
    I love their wall jump, It really is awesome.

    I don’t like it when they get bunched together though. Perhaps one could attack, and the others would fall back, or would that be too complicated?

  3. hamcheese362

    so are you gonna leave the backround? are they gonna de in a puff of smoke? and what does brad mean by “evasive maneuvers”? SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY.
    but reallly, what do you mean by evasive maneuvers? and the other two questions.

  4. DaxterSpeed

    @Brad: I remember something in World 2 saying something about you not making the smoke and ink animations.

    Therefore, I proclaim this game un-beta’ble until you remake both animations using your own amazing style.


  5. VideoGuy

    Ninja baseball needs to be a minigame!

    From a coding point of view those ninjas looked like they were pretty difficult to make. How long did it take you to program those guys?

  6. hamcheese362

    YAAAAY!!! immaturity and off topicness. those were the days *sniff*… I SO DO NOT GOOGLE AT A FOURTH GRADE LVL! in fact, i google better than you!!! *pouts, then sits in a corner*

  7. wingdemon

    @Brad, you should make them appear from the walls, like grapplig down, or all spiderman like upside down. or if you’ve seen the first episode of Naruto, you can have them lift off a cloth from over them which is identical to the bg behind them. either way…teh ninjas gonna be epic. oh, and did you have fun on your anniversary/birthday? and what flavor was the cake!

  8. HyperKnuckles888

    You should have different classes of ninja. One that attacks normally, on that throws ninja stars, ect. Or you should have a bonus room where you have ninja sword fights. These ninjas show potential…

  9. NpPro93

    This looks incredible!

    On a semi-related note, @Brad do you think you could add the new Fancy Pants Man into the banner instead of Cutie Pants? I want to play with his sexy new animations!

  10. hamcheese362

    @medfoe. doubt it. FPA’s are very simple (and by that i mean gameplay, not coding and proggraming and wut not.) brad said it. like fairly says. Brad tells her the bare minimum and sees if she succeeds. or something.
    @wingy: I will if you will.

  11. hamcheese362

    hey, srry for the double comment but i re watched the video, discovering 2 things.
    1st thing; brad said he’ll be making the game easy to get into but then he said there will be harder parts so my previous post is partially wrong…
    2ndly and most importantly; brad said and i quote:

    these are definitely best taken down with swords

    meaning, there will definitely be more than 1 kind of sword. pwned.

  12. Dark Kitsune

    duuuuude brad should make the ninjas wear headbands that try to grab you like snakes when you get near them!!! lol just a thought….

  13. DaxterSpeed

    Seriously, noting on the fact that mister Brad here said swords.

    Mainly, Brad is not a game company, Brad’s just a normal indie guy making good games. Secondly, Brad’s to awesome not to tell us something right out.

  14. hamcheese362

    well… (sobbing) i’m sorry…..
    @brad: of course there are secrets! andd you should know cuz… er… you know cuz you’re making the game… are you suuuure? cuz it sounded like you were implying something… well anyways, are the ninjas gonna be that color you showed us? like black with a purple headband?

  15. hamcheese362

    eh… i was thinking about that but i think that one is enough. I mean, three tops, but i guess it just doesn’t seem right… dunno y…
    HEY GUESS WUT 2MOROOWS PROGRESS REPORT LANDS ON? MY BIRFDAY!!! so even when brads not trying to be awsome, he’s still awsome. 2 morow im officially a teen.

  16. Nats M. Sky

    @hamcheese: Hey, I’m older than you by ABOUT 8 months! My birthday’s in November and I’m turning 14! Anyways, Happy Birthday Hammy! =D

    Edit: ARGGHHH!!!!! How do the smileys work in this comment forum again?

    2nd Edit: Those ninjas are the best platform game baddies EVER. Seriously, they are better than any of the enemies in Super Mario Galaxy, that’s how awesome they are. I’m not sure how Brad is going to top this report!

  17. DaxterSpeed

    That would, in fact, do it.

    And it would probably make my day slightly better, as I’ve been waiting to play Half Life 2 all day, but even though it’s update is the smallest, it have taken longer than Episode one and two’s download time together.

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