World 3 Report 27

Afraid there’s not much of anything to report for this week. I do have a question, though. Probably have addressed this before, but this will be a little more organized.

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  1. splinterchaos

    Ok, that is an awesome question.

    I think that Fancy Pants is for pretty much everyone, except for those who are not technologically savvy, or those who just hate video games period.

    Here’s why. The game is all of original, nostalgic, awesome, crazy, fancy, fast, and fan-freakin-tastic. The first time I played the first Fancy Pants I thought. “Oooooook, this guy doesn’t wear anything but baggy yellow pants….thats pretty cool, but why? And whats so fancy about him? The pants are cool, but not THAT fancy.” Then I played for a bit, jumping on spiders. And then I ran up the curved wall, flipped..then stopped and said, “This game, is officially awesome” out loud. No joke.

    So WHY is it awesome? Well for one, that flip animation was killer awesome. Two, the whole environment of the first game was black and grey and…sort of had this messy, kids drawing scribbles like feeling but, it was….well, mature isn’t the right word, but it’s like its more MEANINGFUL than some scribbles. There was structure, there seemed to be a series of interesting things to do (which there were) and all in all, it seemed like I was playing one of the most unique and awesome flash games I’d ever played (which I was).

    The character seemed to be on a quest….a quest we don’t know of, in a crazy black and grey world where spiders, penguins and mice with guns roam….tell me that isn’t awesome.

    Kids will immediately find it appealing because of the nature of the drawings, it’s like a scribble on the side of your notebook page at school. COME TO LIFE.

    Adults will find it appealing because not only is it nostalgic in that it feels like Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (One of, if not the, greatest sidescrolling platformers of all time), it gives something more to it. It adds an awesome character. It adds flavour and charm, IT ADDS FREAKING FLIPS, and sweet looking hair.

    Then the second game came out. It was charming, but…to be honest, it was missing some of that black and grey charm. That scribble on the side of the page feeling, and more of a world created, then a world just spawned out of the top of your head when you’re bored in a math exam.

    When I played the second game, I went through and said…hmm, not much has changed, I’ve played the demo to death, I’ve played the first game to death…so whats new?

    Then…..I ran up a wall, and on a ceiling with the words “BE FAST, BE FANCY!, JUMP!” right underneath me, and after I jumped, I stopped and said “This game, is almost officially awesome”. Then I stepped into the doors which artists like The Swain and Adam Philips drew and contributed. And I went through some of the in between levels, and saw the random, scribble, top of your head goodness again and said “This game is NOW officially awesome”.

    So really bro, it’s for everybody. And if someone doesn’t like it, I can’t see why they wouldn’t. The animation is fluid, the gameplay is amazing, and the atmosphere is fantastic. It’s got that amazing blend of thought out mechanics, and random, impulse driven, bored at math class creativity, THAT is why it is awesome, and that is why it applies to everybody.

  2. Marco polo

    @ splinterchaos

    WOW that was one loooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg comment.

    N.B. where’s report 28????????????????????????????????????????????!

  3. Brad

    Hey guys, sorry for pretty much disappearing over here, been traveling a bunch lately, I’ll try to get a video up Monday, then resume the Friday reports again.

    Heh, going to have to sit down and read splinterchaos’s comment soon as I can, haha. Got a backlog to go through at the moment.

  4. WJUK

    Any hints as to where you’ve been travelling and what you’ve been doing?

    I’ve got a few ideas, but I’m not sure my suspicions are correct. πŸ˜€

  5. Doram

    I may have said this before, but I love your games because they are well built in every sense of the word. The physics are solid, the controls are solid, the graphics are solid. The plot is fun, the gameplay is fun for a long play or short, and it is easy to pick up, hard to master, and is just really a complete package. I think that your game has a broad appeal for exactly those reasons. It is not just that it is kid friendly or can challenge adults, but that it is just all around a classically great game.

    I have always personally defined a great game as one where you know that you did not make that jump, or otherwise failed, because you have not practiced enough, and you just need to try a little harder. (As opposed to being when it is because you hit the button, but the character didn’t respond, or the level design is off, and it _is_ actually impossible after a month of trying…)

    Your games are great games. That is why I keep coming back.

    Oh, btw, I am 33 with 1 kid, and I’ve been gaming since I was 8. I started out with Nintendo, and have run through everything else since, including PC gaming.

    If there is one thing I can say, it is just this:
    Keep up the awesome work.


    REPORT 28!! O_o where are you??? It’s Monday, right?

    πŸ™‚ Brad, listen.. you should totally put the fancypants games up for nintendo. I know if fancypants was on DS i would be one of the first to buy it! Its more like just scribbling on a piece of paper, it would be portable if it was on DS, it would be awesome if it was on DS!! i mean, i think it would be great if we could take the fanciness with us, wherever it may be. If you did it for DS you could eventually work on multiplayer and stuff. That would be awesome. World 4 would be great on DS in multiplayer mode. But like i said, It’s up to you.

    PEACE πŸ˜›

  7. Pieman

    Calm down guys, if you are a real fan, then you would know that a game this awesome is worth the wait.
    @Marco Polo: Nice poem
    @mfranzs: Theres no need to cry, and theres no need to tell us about it ( not like we cared.)
    If i come off as a jerk, Give me a break, its hard ti be sarcastic and nice about it at the same time.

  8. Pieman

    No religion….thats kinda…..weird. How ’bout a club? The Fancy Pants club? The club that uses Pants which happen to be Fancy? thousands and thousands of possibilities…..muahahaha.

  9. Pieman

    Thats a great idea! exept that we have no ownership of the game, dont have access to the progress of the game( therefore not being able to produce any sort of information about it people dont already know), and there’s no possible way for anyone to work together on any project through the blog of a website! other than that, good job!
    @FFA: I dont know…..Isnt it a bit… do i pot this nicely…..absurd (yea, lets go with that) to base an entire religion off an online flash game?

    • FairlyObvious

      Y’all are goofy . . .
      and I don’t know whether or not Brad will be able to come out with a video soon, maybe by Friday, MAYBE, but he is extremely busy. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about what he’s busy with, and neither can he.
      And if I hear another comment about his videos being late or people complaining I will go off the deep end. He told y’all a few videos ago that he was getting to the point where he wouldn’t be able to show a lot of stuff off.
      So PLEASE try to be understanding. He works hard and tries to get stuff out on time so y’all must know he has a really good reason for being late on a video.
      Otherwise, I’m just going to be disappointed in all of you.

  10. VesicalThanatos

    I agree with Pieman… you can love your Fancy Pants, just dont LOVE your Fancy Pants. Theres fanaticism, and then theres just obsession. And yeah, Im anxious for the next report, and Brad did say it would come out Monday, but badgering him constantly with inane, superfluous comments isn’t gonna speed up the process.

  11. BE FANCY

    So many comments for such a lame no hardly any content filled video. (no offence brad, I know you’re working hard). Can’t wait for world 3 and im very happy that world 3 is progressing so well. To be honest, im not sure i would be interested in seeing anymore videos (especially since the content is so low). I mean if Brad just concentrated on working on the game instead of working on these videos im sure the game would come out much faster. And with me being so impatient and stuff. The sooner the game the better it is. So what i’m saying is im sure brad’s just wants to get the game out as soon as possible, so he’s working more on the game than the videos. I mean i’d rather play the game than watch the videos. And i think you’d all agree. right?

  12. Pandebus

    Hey Brad, what with the newly enabled flash development of iphone games, are you gonna make a FPA for iPhone? cause I guess you’ll be able to get a lot of downloads, and if you ask like 99 cents for the game… wow 0,o (let’s say 100.000 of the millions of iphones sold will download it, that’s still 100.000/3 x 2 = $66.666,- or 42,546 pounds $,$)

  13. jlwiza1

    @be fancy I cant talk for brad himself, but I think, speaking as a game programmer what he’s doing with the video’s is actually quite brilliant and if it were me working on this indie project, it would actually drive progress, not hinder it. Here’s why, most indie projects fail, and a lot of times not for lack of capital, or even how challenging they may be, its just that life gets in the way lulls in design and distractions come easily, having online progress reports that you tell yourself you have to meet serves the developer in so many ways first you get a direct quick free pre Alpha test, you get consistent buzz and interest for your game, having progress reports also circumvents the problem of not having a boss keeping the pressure on you to keep to your set deadlines, keeping yourself motivated is the biggest hurdle when it comes to making games, honestly as many programmers can attest, making a game is easy soon as you get your mind wrapped around it, its finishing them thats the hard part.

  14. BE FANCY

    ok ok, i get your points and yes jlwiza1’s point did make a lot of sense as i love fiction and creating things and projects etc… I can understand now that this gives him motavation and inspiration, as i know how daily life can get in the way of big projects. I was just thinking that the videos may be slowing him down from geting the REAL work done. But if videos help him get the game out faster then i’m not one to complain.

  15. fancy pants fiend

    dude it has been 10 days since the last report wat the brofl seriously wat the horse ponies rainbows and happy things is goin on brad

  16. VesicalThanatos

    Wow, fancy pants fiend, did you not read the comment Fairly posted? Brad is extremely busy right now, not only with the game, but with his life outside of it. I know this may come as a surprise, but his entire universal existance does not revolve around pleasing us. The parts of the game he is currently working on are not show-off-able, as they are likely directly plot related or in some other way meant as a surprise. I mean, what would be the point of playing the game if the videos already gave everything away? So cut the guy some slack, no need to cuss out the creator.

  17. FFA

    Dear (fancy)God, Aubery is right… we have reduced ourselves to bickering low-caste fans… we’re better then this!

    Years of evolution has lead up to humans going insane over a flash game’s progress video not coming out on time….

    I wont let that happen! Not in the land of Fancyrica!

  18. Marco polo


    now with all due respect, it has been 10 days,and even a report as skint on info as the last one is better than nothing.


  19. FFA

    HEY!! HEY! We don’t know this! Let’s not get our hopes to far up…
    But if Brad loves his fans we would ._.

    I mean… Brad! We’re going insane (as aubery puts it)
    heck… we made a religion, named a land, got scolded by fairly, torched FPF’s @$$, and started a new line of designer pants inspired by FPM….

  20. Pieman

    YES to the beta release( only if you want to brad)
    Fancyrica hmmm? ok lets make a topic on the forums so we dont load this post with ”Fancyrica” comments.

  21. mfranzs


    We <3 FPA πŸ˜€

    Great job Brad πŸ˜€

    Or, Brad could just be on vacation.

    But he appeared to be hinting when he said
    "What could be up? Hmm"


  22. Aubrey

    part of world 3 in my fingertips…. like owning the world….
    Except i don’t have my hopes up or anything… But i could imagine the moment when the beta comes out. this faint, yet high scream ringing through the ears of the world. so. excited!!!! even though it might not happen…. ahem.

  23. splinterchaos

    …..I fail to see WHY having a barely informative report is important… we KNOW he is making the game, we KNOW it is going to be awesome and there are 27 video’s made already to be watched over and over again if your craving for new fancy pants stuff has to be quelled. Seriously, PATIENCE WILL BRING YOU PEACE…and cake.

  24. BE FANCY

    Oooooh.. can’t wait for demo and stuff. I love you Brad!! (not in a weird way) uh.. nevermind. I LOVE U cuz u gave me the fanciness of FANCYPANTS. This game is SO awesome, it needs more publicity!! Cuz it’s freekin insane how excited i am. I know Brad is working extremely hard so we all just chill (including me) im so excited.. oooh la la FANCY FANCY!! πŸ˜€

  25. DaxterSpeed

    This is why I should be a blog mod, so I can fix these problems when they occur.

    But seriously Brad, I wonder what the heck you did.

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