The Fancy Pants Adventures Report 4

Just a quick run through the demo! Holidays are over and I’ll be catching up with the updates.

We’re on the last stretch and I’ve been working like crazy to get these animations finished. Gotta make sure you guys get the best. Remember the Angry Rabbit’s 6 frame moves? I’m up to 170 frames for the next boss, and that’s just for one move! Phew. Alright, back to animating!

After that, plenty more awesomeness heading your way!

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    @Applewarrior: go to the end of the first level, and start running to the peachy colored building. when you are almost there ( like right when you jump over the area that leads you to the science room and you reach the end of that land and it goes a bit lower) jump, and wall climb as far as you can, and then jump. if this isnt understandable (which it probably isnt) watch miaows video.

    thats the link 😀 :mrgreen:

  2. Policeman655

    When the snail shell lands on my head more than once it doesn’t say 2, 3, 4, Like in world 2. It would be awesome if it were to have an online multiplayer option too so you can play mini games between your friends

  3. Policeman655

    On the fancy pants adventures World 1, in the dark room with the door that says World 1, if you jump on a wall then on the ceiling it makes a horrible screeching sound


    @policeman655: single posting is bad. double posting is evil. triple posting is horrendously evil. get the picture though. dont worry, i was told the same when i was new. 😀

    @Brad: cant wait to try fancy in me 2d!!!

  5. FuzzyLogicBrain

    What if FPM could use the pencil as a drill, that he can speed burst left righ up and down and can only drill through sand and enemies? would need a charge up though. just a thunk

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