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So, I’ve gone and opened up Squiggleville for general use in the baddie beta, and also added a few new things. The Baddie Beta and everything else I’ve added has been moved into a ‘Behind the Curtain’ level, the newest there is a test level that I built while testing out the new collision. Hopefully you’ll be able to see what I’ve changed, and how it plays differently (as well as lots of Snailshell bugs, sorry!), as well as a few new platform tests which I find particularly neat (and took a long time to build!). If anyone’s interested in the actual changes and code behind the update, I can make a video on it later or something, though either way, we’re way past due for a video.

If anyone finds bugs in any level, please EMAIL me the replay, DON’T post it in the comments!

Sneak Peak Beta

Got some new additions to the baddie arena. This should be the last update before I put the arena into the greater Sneak Peek, and everyone will be able to play with the newest changes.

Added a few new baddies. I’m not sure if I’ll be taking any more baddie submissions, if something awesome comes my way, I’ll certainly throw it in, I’ll just have to be a bit more picky this time.

Lots of subtle little changes in the combat, so you might not feel anything in particular, but everything should feel a little more solid, and scores should go up a tad. Experimenting with a little health bar, and a bit of an auto lunge, and a few more accurate ways of auto aiming the combat.

Since I’ve said I’ll be adding something extra to the Sneak Peek, and I always say that I want everyone to know more about what goes on behind the scenes, I’m thinking of adding a few of the test levels that I use to try out new code and check for bugs. Should be a fun peek behind the curtain, maybe it’ll give everyone an insight on the parts of the game making process that don’t make it into the final release.

Oh right, something much bigger but very very boring, I’ve added some code to compress the replay arrays a tremendous amount. Once I unleash the new collision on to Squiggleville, I have a feeling that lots of replays will need to be sent so that I can squash all the new awesome bugs I created. A few fixes to the ledge hanging code, also boring, still a little buggy 🙁

As a tiny bonus, I’ll let everyone see the progress I’ve made with swimming. Lots of little things to make the water feel more alive, just a few new animations, you’ll see soon enough!

And again, so many thanks to everyone who submitted baddies to make combat debugging a little less horribly boring!

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