Where’s World 3?


Well, most of it, at least. The public beta is live! Play through the entire game and help me get World 3 ready for its full release.

A few menus and such still need to be added later, but World 3’s been in development for long enough, amirite??

Oh, and like always, let me know what’s broken.

Fixed so far:


– Changed how the challenge scores work, which should fix the Beach (no idea why it was like that, thought I already fixed it).
– Bottle was missing from Misplaced.
– Fixed the pants menu.
– Adjusted the reset controls button in the menus.


– Biggest change is the pants color selector from the pause menu
– Option to reset controls from the main menu, in case something goes wrong (and I forgot that the game’s background is white, not grey, whoops)
– There was an extra star or something in Misplaced? Weird.
– Fixed Bat Spider’s congrats
– NPCs now only change your pants automatically the first time they congratulate you after beating their challenge.


– Ducks and Parrots fixed
– Music overlapping fixed


– Manly Beard fixed
– Music tweaks
– ‘quick sounds’ fixed (swimming, sand and puddle footsteps)
– rest of the dialog fixed (fingers crossed)
– Attacking ‘beard shockwaves’


– Factory and Cave Plats fixed
– I broke some controls earlier, fixed them
– NPCs change your pants color after victory message
– Moved Mountain Goat Course finish line


– Falling off the level while rolling
– Sliding into crabs
– Quitting from Beach scoreboard glitch
– Bumper tweaks


– Beach fix
– QTP on throne fix
– Beta is now certified beatable!


– Bunch of fixes, I’ll list them later
– I did break progressing passed the beach, though, and Mochi’s not letting me upload a new build, I’ll have to upload tomorrow. Hopefully, most of you can just skip it for now.


– Beach sand effects
– All moving platforms
– Bottles pop up message
– Forest background
– Baddie pile and dialoge
– HUD during pirate ship
– Places where you could jump out the level (sorry, heh)
– Yellow key room
– Disco effects
– All far foreground animations (tub drain, getting pencil, a few others).
– Rainbowbeard’s text size
– Tub music fade in repeat

I’m sure I’ve missed something, check the build and let me know, just make sure that 0.7 is showing in the top right at the first menu screen, otherwise clear your cache and refresh the page.

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        • ICARAX

          The second time you get to Cutie Pants in her lair (when you get back after the floor opens in on you)

          Its literally Ninsplosion! The ninjas never stop coming. I was in the air with the pencil with over 600 hits on ninjas (you know where it says the number with the ! when you are in the air and you havent fallen)

          ๐Ÿ˜ I WANT TO FINISH THE BETA!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. KCYF

    Okay Brad, I am not sure if it is my computer’s problem or something, but the gameplay is rather laggy. Well, all my cache are cleared and my Google Chrome is the latest version too, so I am not sure whether it is because my computer is crap or the game file is rather large, or because the swf is loaded via over a network, thus results in slow gameplay as they try to load the map. :/

    But overall, I have to say I am greatly impressed at how large the levels are with a numerous number of places to explore. It certainly is a place one can get lost in.

    Looking out for bugs now though. I may compile a list if I have the time, but no promises made yet!;)

  2. next one

    @ ICARAX same, and I have a screenshot of me getting my 127th bounce. It’s a glitch, because in the console game that is when you face the new bearded pirate again/the boss level.

  3. maro6162

    Hullo brad, ur games are awesome especialy the new fancy pants adventures 3.
    but i have a little problem:
    in the beach level when i go to the end of the level to finish it i get stuck in the sand, please fix this bug, and if u can make a downloadable fancy pants 3 on pc it would be awesome, and thank u.

    Kindly waiting for a new update and reply
    3 3 >(‘-‘)> , , <('-')< , ^('-')^ kirby dance lol

  4. super fancypants

    now the pencil is more useful in the game specially the boss fight
    and is it me or did fancy pants man got a little faster.

    • Brad

      I took out the replay code, that cuts down on the input lag a bit.

      Though, for some reason, the game running at 30 fps makes FPM feel a little faster than 60 fps. Tis strange.

  5. diego

    I tried to beat Manly Beard. But then he just kept doing that ”flying” thing and I couldn’t beat him. Maybe Im not playing the latest build I don’t know.

  6. thelimedart

    I think that manlybeard is unbeatable right now. after you jump on him three times you can’t touch him. when he comes down with the beard-waves, i can avoid them by jumping, but then the pencil does nothing. I also noticed the he is not standing on the “floor” he seems to be a little higher than fancy pants.

    • Brad

      Ahhh, I see what’s happening, jumping on Manly Beard doesn’t advance his boss level. If you attack him with the pencil while he’s stunned, things will go normally. Should be fixed in the next build, though.

  7. Fancy_b00st

    Umm, Brad, Fancy Pants Man seems to be invincible…
    I keep getting hit by Captain Manly Beard and his ninjas but I take no damage.
    And Captain Manly Beard has unlimited health D:

  8. smileylover

    Another glitch I found: With a few of the baddies (for me it happened with a ninja and a frog) sometimes if you jump on them they freeze in the air and become part of the background.

  9. sonicboom9004

    2 Glitch Reports:

    1.When on the beach level(when u go to the guys that say dude a lot)u are going up the two hills along the way to them, then if u jump into a puddle, the game will freeze :(.

    2.On island express/forgotten island, on the part when u are on the green moving platforms, if u backflip on the one where it is going up and down, u will go through the moving platform and respawn back on the island.

    I am not to good at explaining things :(.

  10. johnnyv

    Hey u know Wat would be cool? If even the flash version of world 3 was added to the fancy pants app. Just so it’d be complete u know?

  11. KCreator79

    Just tested the demo, and I really liked it, even though it was really glitchy :mrgreen:

    What I liked about the beta:
    I love the new artwork you did for all of the locations, it fits the music better, and when the camera is zoomed this much in, you can easily see the doodle-ish animations. These same animations mostly looked just fluid and not too special at the consol-version because of how much the camera was zoomed out.

    I also like the new sounds and animations you have putted in, and makes the game interesting to play, some of them a bit laggy, but can probably easily be fixed ๐Ÿ™‚

    The new hidden locations are also awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

    What needs to be improved:
    You definitely need to add sounds for most of the moves you do in the game, and not just a few of them. One sound for running, wall jumping and so on. This will make the game much more satisfying to play, and without them you kinda feel there is something missing.

    It was also very glitchy, I was planning to complete the whole beta before posting this, but just couldn’t because that stupid parrot in the yellow-key-room would just not die, and instead glitch into the backround.
    Some soundtracks also started to play on top of each other, for example after retrieving the pencil and exiting the room, two of the pirate soundtracks started to play at the same time.

    I hope you will fix the main menu, what I just saw in the beta was probably and hopefully not the final version of the main menu, since it definitely needs more textures and platforms and stuff, so I am looking forward to see the final version ๐Ÿ™‚

    And last, are the multicolored pants added in this game, just like world 2? Sinc that was probably one of my favourite parts of world 2, made me keep playing after finishing the game. I saw the stars were still there from the console version, but it kept annoying me that there was no tracking of how many stars I had in total.

    And yeah, long time no see people, if you still remeber me! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    (God this comment is VERY long…)

    • ICARAX

      Hey! REMEMBER ME?? How have ya been?

      You can keep track sort of, of your stars, just pause the level and it will show you the current level and the stars you have from it, and you can look at the other levels from there and see what you are missing. And you can add it up if you want a “total track”


      • KCreator79

        Of course I do! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m fine, been busy with school, improving my art and stuff, and you?

        Gah, I always forget there is a pause menu in most flash games, since I never use them… Most of the time I complete flash games I play before I even get a chance to see the pause menu, so I never really think about pausing at all xD

        • ICARAX

          Yeah, same but I was doing something for my sister, so I had to pause,and I figured it out.

          I’ve recently been busy with school.. I take advanced math, and advanced Spanish, so that work is getting real hard as well lately, I am so sleep deprived. I had to work on my math while I was waiting at guitar!!
          Ugh. Chemistry is next year… I can’t wait…

          So many hard classes I have to take! ๐Ÿ™ and I’m only 14!why?

  12. be fancy forever

    @ Brad,can you add a pants changing button or room?Because if we want do take the colour from previous challange,we have to go there again.(and I usually forget where they are)

    • AJ32

      Hey, it’s still a beta!
      Also, why do you have to do the challenges again? Just open the pause menu and use the left and right arrow keys to select a level!

  13. KCreator79

    Played through the game a bit more and found two more glitches:

    – The trees in the backround right before you enter Bummin’ It Beach abruptly ends, which looks really strange

    – I’m not sure if this is a glitch or not since I havn’t found all of the bonuses yet, but when I finished the snail golf course by the bat-spider, I didn’t recieve any new pants like I usually do when I complete challenges. I think it happened because I exited the room through the door instead of pressing the jump-button as I was told to, so because of that I tried to do the course over again and then press the jump button in the end, but I still didn’t recieve any new pants…
    If it is a glitch, I hope you can fix it!

  14. khil01

    Might I have found a glitch? I played part of bummin’ it beach earlier finding the two “dudes” who want me to crush the sand castles. after this I had to stop playing for a bit.

    When I came back to the game (after I closed my browser) it kept the 8 sand castles I had already crushed so I went to find the other 2 without bothering to go down to the 2 dudes. I was able to find them and saw it say 10/10 but I never got any new pants! I tried going back to the dudes but just got the scene of them asking for help.

  15. sonicboom9004


    IS it a glitch or what cause i got NOTHING! ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

    EDIT:IT HAPPENED when 0.13 came out… p.s u haven’t told us what it does anyway……………

  16. khil01

    Some more glitch’s I found,

    I can confirm what somebody else posted about the misplaced caves snailshell challenge not completing properly. I waited for the pop up that says completed and pressed jump, exited the room to see the challenge messsage from the bat-spider. Tried it twice.

    Also, I got the 2nd star (I believe it’s the 2nd) in misplaced caves, the one on the right side of the level on a ledge under a ramp. (I continued playing not thinking to pause and check my progress) then I got I think the 1st one, the one high above the area where you start, somewhere near the time trial spring area. I thought to pause and check my progress but found only the 1st star icon lit up. I was able to get the 3rd star and have it light up properly, but the 2nd star never showed up in my pause menu or back at where you pick it up.

  17. Infrared

    Hey Brad! It’s looking great so far. However, I have found some bugs:

    1. The aforementioned beach pants bug
    2. In the pants menu, there are a pair of black pants for the Royal Tub, but the tub doesn’t have any pants in it
    3. The aforementioned Misplaced Caves star bug
    4. When you enter the Royal Tub from the house, the music doesn’t play

    • Infrared

      Oh, and two more things:

      1. The Royal Tub pants are actually there because the disco pants are missing from the list

      2. In the baddie rooms, it says “1 baddies left” when you only have one left instead of “1 baddie left”

  18. Auad

    There are some pants missing from the menu.
    The white and the yellow..
    I mean, the white was awesome. Now I can’t put it back. ๐Ÿ™

    btw, I can’t find the last star in the Pirate Princess Ship..
    And if you hit that beard wave with the pencil, it freezes..

  19. Minifig3D

    Strange, when the BatSpider guy in misplaced caves told me I was a hero, the text above the door showing my high score blinked and now it is backwards… this happen to anyone else?

  20. Auad

    Brad, at Island Express, when you are falling down through the treetops, if you hold down “A” and then release it, you can easily get out of the level and fall to your death.. O.O

    You can also see the end of the background..

  21. MeGaTrOnGeR

    its very slow and laggy :/ every frame is very slow. and something thats been in a lot of your games, when i open a door, (by pressing up) the browser moves up, as if im browsing, and im not playing the game, i still play it but, it acts like im not ๐Ÿ˜ฎ (sorry if i was being kind of repetitive)

    • super fancypants

      Go to foxfire or opera their better on games. I use foxfire and opera but mostly I use google chrome for everything except for games because its slow

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