Where’s World 3?


Well, most of it, at least. The public beta is live! Play through the entire game and help me get World 3 ready for its full release.

A few menus and such still need to be added later, but World 3’s been in development for long enough, amirite??

Oh, and like always, let me know what’s broken.

Fixed so far:


– Changed how the challenge scores work, which should fix the Beach (no idea why it was like that, thought I already fixed it).
– Bottle was missing from Misplaced.
– Fixed the pants menu.
– Adjusted the reset controls button in the menus.


– Biggest change is the pants color selector from the pause menu
– Option to reset controls from the main menu, in case something goes wrong (and I forgot that the game’s background is white, not grey, whoops)
– There was an extra star or something in Misplaced? Weird.
– Fixed Bat Spider’s congrats
– NPCs now only change your pants automatically the first time they congratulate you after beating their challenge.


– Ducks and Parrots fixed
– Music overlapping fixed


– Manly Beard fixed
– Music tweaks
– ‘quick sounds’ fixed (swimming, sand and puddle footsteps)
– rest of the dialog fixed (fingers crossed)
– Attacking ‘beard shockwaves’


– Factory and Cave Plats fixed
– I broke some controls earlier, fixed them
– NPCs change your pants color after victory message
– Moved Mountain Goat Course finish line


– Falling off the level while rolling
– Sliding into crabs
– Quitting from Beach scoreboard glitch
– Bumper tweaks


– Beach fix
– QTP on throne fix
– Beta is now certified beatable!


– Bunch of fixes, I’ll list them later
– I did break progressing passed the beach, though, and Mochi’s not letting me upload a new build, I’ll have to upload tomorrow. Hopefully, most of you can just skip it for now.


– Beach sand effects
– All moving platforms
– Bottles pop up message
– Forest background
– Baddie pile and dialoge
– HUD during pirate ship
– Places where you could jump out the level (sorry, heh)
– Yellow key room
– Disco effects
– All far foreground animations (tub drain, getting pencil, a few others).
– Rainbowbeard’s text size
– Tub music fade in repeat

I’m sure I’ve missed something, check the build and let me know, just make sure that 0.7 is showing in the top right at the first menu screen, otherwise clear your cache and refresh the page.

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  1. Sausagefanclub


    (First post in the blog since who knows how long…)

    Yay, Brad finally updated the header after waiting an entire year. 😀

  2. super fancypants

    i gotta say the not bad i can’t stop playing it.it’s one of my favorite games. But i still think that their should be more pirates in the game

  3. Random Comments

    After the “Closet of ‘Epic’ Weaponry,” one of the blocks that you’re supposed to hit is only an outline. you can hit it, but also walk through it. The destroyed block pile isn’t colored. you probably already got that, but I just wanted to make sure.

  4. Parttimeninja

    I think there are enough pirates, I do think there should be more ducks. He’s so close to being finished though, so I think everything is fine.

    • super fancypants

      what do you mean there are enough pirates in the game.their’s not enough of pirates.to me if there is a lot of pirates the pencil would become more useful.in the xbox 360 and ps3 version the pencil seems a lot useful with the pirates.but the beta version not really. but its still fun to play.also there should more ducks.

  5. shuansown

    i love it but i am SAD! 🙁 ): i mean where is cutie pants as a playable character! i was promised cat grapple if i do not get it i will cry!!!!!



    And wait, I have a crazy idea that might take extra time but… Here it is.

    You should make characters like ninjas (you’d have to unlock the headband colors, just like pants), pirates (more like captain rainbow beard only), cutie pants, and fancy pants. But you’d have to unlock them somehow, like by beating the game you get some of them. 😛 just throwing that as a last thing out there brad.

    • Auad

      He did. Actually, everything he has on youtube was posted here.
      Good old times.. I remember that he used to post a video every week..

  7. Auad

    Brad, in the transition level between the forest and the beach, the background isn’t complete (the end of the trees).
    Also, in that lake in the forest, if you go to the left corner, you can see the end of the background.

  8. iPadrone

    Hey I just wanted to know if there was some way I could download the music for this game. I understand if I have to buy it, but the background tracks for each level are great.

    Thanks and the demo is excellent.

  9. hyperactivesuperninja

    This is pretty good, but I think you should make few levels about Cutie Pants’ story.

    (My sister made me say this.)

  10. Ijon

    I hope it haven’t been mentioned before:
    BUGREPORT: The Manly Beard Shockwaves freeze when i hit them with the pencil.
    Its really nice to play the game finally 🙂

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