Beta .1, have at it.

Approximately 3 gajillion fixes in this one, so attack it and make sure I didn’t break anything else.

Off the top of my head:
– improved landing smoke and new cannon smoke animation (by James Kholamian)
– fixed that pause when you land while running
– fixed baddies rotating when coming into screen
– should have fixed baddies just floating in the air
– fixed where the stupid shell would skip forward while rolling off of something (you don’t know how much that bugged me…)
– tightened up normal wall jump
– that stupid teleporting thing should be FINALLY fixed
– LOTS more stuff

Beta .1

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  1. DrNeroCF

    What a nerd. Just for that, I’m going to tell everyone that you’re doing a cameo level and ruin the surprise!

    Hey everyone! Guess what?!

  2. CssaBee

    Oh, and the ‘canon bug’ still exists…So you still loose speed when jump out of the canon, when you have the snailshell at the same positon as the canon…

  3. WJUK

    @styxtwo: No no, you’ve got it wrong. It’s:

    2,985392745164576145741111245667 gajillion fixes. lol

    Nah, I don’t think Gajillion is even a word. Try Centillion.

    Note: One Centillion = 1 and 230 zeros after it… or something.

  4. educkface

    wow I like the new smoke animation! Also, I look forward to playing your level TommyLM, I love the dripping honey everywhere…

  5. educkface

    heh, I see you changed either the bounces after squishing baddies or the placement of the snail and first spider because now I can jump from the snail to the spider at the beginning, I had always hoped in the last versions that you could do that.

  6. UFOboy

    I missed the last beta and have played a BIT on this one.
    For bugs, not really, i did find out i memorized the entire level, and there was one instance where the spider got RIGHT back up after being kicked(couldn’t do it again… ever… anywhere… at all)

    I found some other stuff however… two things that bugged me…
    1: only 3 speeds, Still, 1 second while starting to run, then full speed ahead. Sorry, the instent speed thing buggs me, getting a larger distance to run doesn’t do any good because to get to the same speed in 2 seconds as if you have a 10 second head start. Or at least it SEEMS that way.
    2: This one doesn’t bug me, i just found you can stay on the side of a wall for long periods of time, no matter how high up it is, you can stay agenst the wall untill you reach just above the floor. I was wondering if that was on purpose.
    3: Even when you fall at a 90 degrees angle you slide when you push down before you hit the ground. If it’s perfectly 90 degrees drop(right down) you should have FP do the splits or something.

  7. UFOboy

    Actually, i found something, The invinsibility thing, how after you get hit you can’t get damaged for a short amount of time, goes beyond the faded image for a few seconds. So even when it seems like you no longer are invinsible, a few seconds remain where you can pass though enemies, I went though the snail, and the spider both after turning solid.

  8. UFOboy

    Sorry again, posting while playing, i found something cool, you can stay on the wall as long as your fingers can last, if you hold the arrow key towards the wall and then keep tapping the button away from the wall(Say the wall you are sliding on is to the left of fancy pants, hold left and tap right constantly to stay) it lets you stay on the wall as untill your fingers can no longer push buttons. If you do it fast enough then you will slowly rise upward on the wall, if you do it too fast(my finger hurts) then after a long while of too fast you’ll fall from the wall.

  9. UFOboy

    I can get to the start door to the highest point you can go up with using the trick…. my fingers till hurt and i did it a long whie ago…

  10. WJUK

    OMFG. That trick actually works.

    Oh and for some reason it lags slightly when I play on my laptop. It’s fine on the desktop though. Strange. Maybe it’s the internet connection…

  11. DrNeroCF

    Shift thing will not be in the final game, ugh why do those stupid spires think that the platforms are 90 degree angled ground… The invincibility is probably like that to give the player the benefit of the doubt, so to say, your laptop is probably slower than the desktop, and I’m going to have to fix that walljump ‘trick’ sorry, heh.

    Oh, and press ‘p’ for some holiday cheer… Heh.

  12. educkface

    hmm, if you press down right at the start of a snailshell kick it cancels the animation with fpm kicking into the air. Not really anything serious, just thought it was kinda strange. Now I just to find a way to have my computer press p over and over again while I am playing… ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. DrNeroCF

    Can you be more specific than that…?

    And a quick note, if anyone is posting screens, gi ahrad and hit shift before you take them so I can see the collision clips…

  14. foodmansam

    i think you should make some mini-games, i know its to late for this one, but you should make a few for world 3. Also, after you finish this, what are you making next? i think you should work on some projects for awhile, then make world 3. But something tells me you don’t care… ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Platform

    Found a few bugs.

    1. When you use the slide attack and hit a spider, you suddenly bounce up as if you had jumped on it.
    2. When you get hit by the snail in the beginning, you bounce back through the cliff you just left. Not actually that bad, but It’s annoying.

    Best of luck on finishing the final game!

  16. styxtwo

    found another bug: *muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah* *ahum*:P

    ok when you are on the edge of a platform and FP leans out. and the shell lands on the place where PF is supposed to be when he was not leaning over. it bounces off like FP was there, it looks like it is bouncing in mid-air, kinda weard ๐Ÿ˜›

  17. theNerd

    You all know about how, when you’re sliding, and you’re about to fall off a platform/wall, you grab on?
    Well, it seems that this feature doesn’t work on the curved/slanted platforms.
    If you try to slide off of those, you do just that: slide off and not grab on. Therefore, could you redo the feature for the curved platforms, please?

  18. WJUK

    lmao at the “P” thing. No patterns though. ๐Ÿ™ lol

    Oh and I’m just wondering that when FP slides into the snail shell it seems to fly vertically upwards then horizontally. You’d think that it would fly more horizontally than that.

    Unless you worked this all out already with some physics and all that…

  19. theNerd

    Again, could you please enable the grabbing on to the edge after sliding to the edge feature for the curved platforms, thanks!
    It’s really noticeable on the first two curved platforms early in the level

  20. DrNeroCF

    Sliding into the shell pops
    it upwards, trust me, you’ll be using the slide in the full game, like if you want to get the shell to platforms that are above you.

    He used to he able to grab onto ledges of curved platforms, but the engine was having a good deal of trouble finding the corner on very slanty surfaces, I’ll try to glance over the code again if I have time…

  21. WJUK

    Hey… suggestion… I know it’s very late in the game but I only just thought of it.

    How about let FP be able to grab onto the shell (Mario-style! Ya-Hoo!). I know this could ruin level designs and what not, but you can consider it for FPA3 or something. Maybe make him travel slower holding the shell or something.

    -The suggestion Masta

  22. theNerd

    You forgot to color the rope/ladder thing between the ‘inky’/slippery platform and the entrance to the bonus room! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Don’t forget to color it!

  23. tomato soup

    The teleport glitch just took a new form.

    I cannon’d myself slightly to the right, landed sliding on the level platform to the left of the hill, and teleported to the cliff.

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