World 3 Report 19

Here it is, the report that you all have better been waiting for! I present…


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  1. DaxterSpeed

    @Brad: I know. It’s done now. But I’m waiting for a copy to get done on network. And Windows says that’s another hour. (Other computer has a really slow drive). So I can probably just wait a little for TF2’s giga patch before I pause it.

  2. DaxterSpeed

    @Brad: Half-Life 2 is so darn amazing. I haven’t come that far, and I thought I was stuck. But hey, the game is well thought trough. Aka, there was a few craters containing the weapons and health I needed.

    Though, it’s kinda a thing running in this game. If you see health, you know there’s a fight, and if you see cops coming from a certain path, then you’d know that the game wants you there.

    Though, as I am a lazy twit, I’m playing on easy. But that doesn’t make the story worse, does it.

    So yeah. Two hours of bloody fun. At least two hours. And a lot of amazing story. But to be fair, it’s almost more fun running around revealing story, than it is to run around and shot combine forces. And of course a few aliens.

  3. Brad

    Easy mode? Bah. Doesn’t change the story, but working for the progression is the most engaging and rewarding part of a video game. Easy mode, psh…

    Do the right thing. Put it back on normal ; )

  4. Nats M. Sky


    P.S.: Oh noes, it’s past my bedtime (10:15 where I live). I’d better go!

  5. hamcheese362

    i always put games on normal. but when i fail, it goes back to easy. then back to normal (eventually)
    @mfranzs: when has that EVAR stopped him before?

  6. Brad

    @DaxterSpeed: Personally, I prefer the 360 controller, which Half Life 2 has support for. Less twitchy, though the aiming isn’t as good as Halo / CoD / Mass Effect 2 (which doesn’t have 360 support on PC 🙁 )

    @Nats M. Sky: Yep! Once I start animating…

    @hamcheese362: Psh, when I was your age, we were playing Mega Man and beating games on Very Hard mode (aka the only mode there was). Kids these days 😉

  7. DaxterSpeed

    SMB1 is still kinda hard… Especially on original console.

    I actually have a really sweet mouse. Not that it has auto aim. But it’s really configurable. And as a general not there, I don’t want the distance, to move the mouse, to be more than 1.5cm to get from one side of the screen to another.

    And I don’t own a 360. Because I wouldn’t pay for overpriced consoles. |B|

  8. Brad

    I have a Performance MX mouse (pretty pro I guess) and 1.5 across the screen is still ridiculous :O. Forget aiming in HL, I’d never be able to even click on anything at all, haha.

  9. Frubban

    “2 morow im officially a teen.”
    Hey! You’re not officially a teen before you turn 14!
    Wich i haven’t, but my twin has. Not fair.

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