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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Yes we’re silly Americans that love to celebrate a holiday that involves stuffing ourselves silly and then slowly falling into a food coma, ah so lovely!
That and it means the lovely holiday season of Christmas is comin soon!
I will attempt to nudge a new post out of Brad, if not I will post a few reviews and also talk about some of the Christmas staples that Brad and I both grew up with! If anyone cares, maybe I’m just being narcissistic.
I shall have some extra turkey in honor of all of you, that probably means I will be doing some hardcore sit ups in honor of all of you as well!

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Bowser’s Inside Story

*Disclaimer: I have not played the two Mario RPGs before this one. That is why there is no comparison to those, just a general overview*

Hey guys, sorry I’ve taken so long to update. I’m actually working on another website that’s going to launch in January (not game related) so they’ve got deadlines and the like. Kept me on my toes . . . Anyway, I’m going to give myself a schedule and try to update this weekly. I think Brad is going to have some new stuff too, soon. He’s been working hard!!

Anyway, Bowser’s Inside Story, DS game, meant to kind of give you an insight to Bowser.

Thank GOD it wasn’t what I was afraid it was going to be.
I was afraid it was going to be some mushy, let’s turn Bowser into a bleeding heart that’s just misunderstood and blah blah blah. I HATE it when people do that with back stories or when they are trying to show “insight” into a character. I was so happy when I left this game with my ORIGINAL perception of Bowser intact.
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Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are, midnight showing, Brad and I were there, of course. This is not something either one of us would miss. I’m breaking from my usual game review because Where the Wild Things Are is a classic book that pretty much every person that is mine and Brad’s age has read.

If you’ve read the book you know the basic story, the magic is in the presentation and its simplicity. Boy gets in trouble, boy gets sent to bed, boy runs away to island, boy becomes king, parties with the Wild Things, and then goes home. That’s it!
So how did they stretch it into an hour and a half long movie?

Pure genius.
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Crazy Times . . .

Hey guys,

I figured I should update about . . . not updating? Recently . . . maybe . . .
The past two weeks Brad and I have dealt with two wedding weekends, one that was one of his childhood friends, the other which was one of MY childhood friends. Not only that but we’ve both been swapping sickness back and forth, and I actually had a potentially bad infection I had to take care of. So yeah, it’s been an interesting three weeks or so . . . Continue Crazy Times . . .

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Well well . . .

Update: 9.3.09
Check out Theater 4


“Well look at that…it looks like that ‘Okamiden’ trademark was for Okami on the DS! We aren’t sure if it’s a remake or a sequel, but I’m sure more details will come in very soon. Thanks to all that sent this in!”

The scene definitely doesn’t look familiar to me and the overall graphic is completely different so I’m GUESSING it’s a sequel.
If this turns out to be a hoax, I will curl up into a corner and cry.

BUT!!!! For now!
*happy dance*

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Okami . . .

So this isn’t technically a review, yet. I just finished Okami for the Wii.

Guys, I have never had a game make me feel this absolutely emotionally involved before.

I cried. The friggin game made me cry, it was that beautiful.

I don’t even know how I am going to go about writing this review, it will come soon. Tune in for it guys because I want this review to reflect exactly how I feel about this game.

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My Comic Con

Hey guys, Brad will be doing a full wrap up of comic con later (complete with picturez ZOMG!!!) but here is something to hold you over. I actually wrote this on the plane ride home. This is me thinking y’all care what I think again 😉

As most of you know, I had the pleasure of attending Comic Con 2009 with Brad this year. My apologies for breaking off from my regular gaming reviews, but I hope that some of you would be interested in hearing a little about the experience of Comic Con.

It’s crowded, horribly crowded, and I’m sure the excessive amount of Twilight fans that decided to attend this year didn’t help. You go through over 5000 booths and sometimes you end up lodged inbetween a booth you don’t want to see and another booth you really don’t want to be caught dead even glancing at.

However, the whole experience gave me a strange sort of glimmer of hope. I saw appreciation everywhere, even in those crazy cosplayers, there was just utter appreciation. I’ve never seen any kind of celebrity act as graciously as the ones from the “interwebz”, and there are quite a few big ones. I’m sure there are a few bad seeds every now and then, but I didn’t meet one in my whole experience.

As a 24 year old sometimes it can be a bit disturbing to see what can pass off as art or as animation nowadays. When you are raised on the good ol’ 80s cartoons of yesteryear you tend to cringe at the popularity of things like SpongeBob Squarepants and  . . . well . . . every single CGIed version of a cartoon that hangs around on TV nowadays. You don’t see the same talent and love for smoothness and lines or even for general beauty. It’s slap it on a lunchbox and sell it as soon as possible.

I was sorely disappointed to go to a panel and hear about how they’d released their game on everything except for maybe a box of wheaties and they reveled in it. REVELED in being total sellouts (I’m looking at YOU EpicGames). Even more disturbing were the hordes that worshipped that kind of behavior but I won’t get into that . . .

On the OTHER side of Comic Con I managed to see a completely different side to all of it.

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Long Awaited Twilight Princess Review

or maybe I flatter myself thinking that everyone has been squirming in their seats for this review . . . 

yeah flatter, definitely flatter. 

So I promised a level by level review, but after spending a while writing that I realized it would be impossible to do that without ruining the game. I hate to break promises but I hate spoilers even more. So this will be a rather long review because there is so much in the game  and it’s Zelda, so my heart has always belonged to this game. 


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Hey Guys

Sorry we haven’t updated recently, we’re painting a few rooms in Brad’s house so we haven’t had much time to just sit at our computers. Coming soon though will either be a post from Brad himself or me revealing my guilty pleasure game from my childhood days . . . we shall see . . . 


Slán go fóill

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The Bloodthirsty Gamer . . .

For those of you who did not watch the live Flash Gaming Summit feed, Brad WON Best Indie Game of 2008!! I’m sure he’ll post something when he gets back on Friday or Saturday. He’ll be at GDC until then. Here is something to tide you over though, I wrote this a while ago but had to wait to post it because of all of Brad’s news.

So here you go:

So let’s face it, the only reason any of us play video games is because we are all sick in the head. We look for blood. We try to find a way to let out the TRUE killer within us. 

Whether this is by playing zombie gamers where are victims are already dead or its a war game where we have true live prey . . . we all know the true monster within us all . . . 

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An Original Title

Do I always have to come up with an original title? That could get old quick . . . 

So I know I haven’t been putting up much game review, but seeing as Brad recently purchased Resident Evil 5 I guarantee I will be posting my review of that soon. Possibly next week if he doesn’t get sick of it before I get a chance to play co-op. 

While browsing through titles of different areas that I might be interested in posting I ran across this. Yes this is quite an old post, dated November 2, 2008. Still, I felt some part of me cringe at this whole article. 

First off, I do not distinguish between “gamer girls” and “female gamers”, I think the whole idea is simply preposterous. You either game and you are female, or you don’t. If you play games occasionally such as Guitar Hero or Mario Kart you are a social gamer. There are guys that are strictly “social gamers”. These types simply play with groups of people, they aren’t likely to play Metroid or Devil May Cry. They would probably fall more in the Halo or Super Smash Brothers category, strictly. Is that bad? No, it’s not. It’s the difference between a guy that would prefer to play tennis one on one and a guy that would prefer to play doubles. It’s a PREFERENCE. 

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Return of the Booth Babes . . .


I’ve been reading this, has anyone else seen this? 

Return of the Booth Babes?

as opposed to this

Key word = Random

So I don’t know what everyone thinks about the whole booth babe thing . . . but honestly, it annoys the heck out of me. I know that many might think its because I’m a girl and I just can’t “handle” the competition. 

Give me a Break . . . 

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The TRUE Great Equalizer . . .

What else you guys?

Video games. 

Yep, video games . . . 


No! Not SPORTS! What are you, crazy?


No! Not the workplace! Seriously . . . 

Yes, video games, I promise. 

Ah video games, the only thing left untouched by complete and total political correctness . . . probably why it is so quickly condemned. Maybe that’s why girls aren’t into them? I have no idea. 

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