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E3 Microsoft

Well guys. I would say that Trey Parker summed up Microsoft’s presentation nicely:

“How many times have you thought I want to watch this on my TV while listening to my mobile device which is being controlled by my tablet device which is hooked into my oven all while sitting in my refrigerator?”


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Fairly here!


It seems there’s a bit of confusion. Two people post on this blog: Brad and then me.

Anything posted under “Fairly’s Corner” will not involve Brad except for the occasional times I ask him to check my grammar.

For the record Brad is still alive, just very busy. He’ll probably post his opinions on E3 once it’s over.

So who is psyched for E3? I’m baking a cake! (I’m serious)

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Hey guys!!! We are pleased to officially announce Brad’s partnership with EA to bring FPM to console!!!

Check out the new Facebook page for The Fancy Pants Adventures on consoles!

You can also follow us on Twitter!

Fixed the link
Sorry sometimes the link thing hates me! Haha

Edit, Edit: Hey guys just wanted to give a shout out to the creators of NyxQuest, Over the Top Games! They are truly an amazing team and we are SO happy to be working with them! Be sure to check out their site!

Over the Top Games


Halo Reach – Review by FairlyObvious

I was waiting forever for this game, FOREVER! After the beta I was nearly frothing at the mouth to get the game. I loved the new voting system online and I was very happy with the new weapons. It felt in general like I had more control over what I was playing and the game in general. The beta definitely helped my shooting skills too.

So, off the beta, to the game.
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Alice in Wonderland – DS


This was one of the games I borrowed while Brad and I were traveling. I was lucky enough to have someone offer to lend it to me while we were staying in this location which I will not slip up and expose. I can’t call this game a complete disappointment because I wasn’t expecting all too much out of it in the first place. Most games that are brought about because of a movie tend to fall short with the whole gaming experience. I do admire the decision to not stick strictly to the script (try to say that five times fast . . .) It’s basically a platformer with a bunch of puzzles thrown in and you have to use your characters strategically to manipulate the situation to your advantage.
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Iron Man 2

Better late then never, right guys?

There is only one thing that left me fearful in the Iron Man 2 movie, Scarlett Johannson. She was obviously chosen for her looks and not for her acting skills because Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts left Scarlett in the dust. I can only hope that she either ups her acting for the Avengers movie, or she just doesn’t talk at all during the movie. She does well as a pretty face and kind of a back character but she’s just such a flat actress. When she’s bantering with Tony Stark or Pepper Potts you just don’t FEEL anything. I wanted a witty, cocky, smart aleck chick, it’s just NOT there. There is no WAY she could be worried about upstaging the Pepper Potts character because . . . that just wouldn’t happen.
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Miles Edgeworth . . . TAKE THAT!!

So I finished playing Miles Edgeworth: Investigations (Nintendo DS) a little while ago. Brad bought it for me before we headed up to GDC, to provide myself with some entertainment. I’m a huge Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice fan so I was extremely excited to get this game. At first I was disappointed because I thought that they’d ripped out the audio whenever Miles Edgeworth said “Objection!” or “Take that!” or “Hold it!” then I realized that apparently my headphones just weren’t picking it up. Lucky for the game otherwise I would have given it a straight 0/10 and counted my losses . . . Well maybe more of a 8/10 maybe, I mean if you’ve played the Phoenix Wright games you know that the audio makes the game.

Anyway, the game.
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The World Ends With You

This game made up for my disappointment with Spirit Tracks. Brad has been trying to get me to play this game for a while now, but I always found another game to play instead. I finally relented and I will never regret it. Sadly, this game was a limited release and not heavily advertised. Sounds reminiscent of . . . let’s see . . . Okami?
I will not say I put this game up on the same pedestal as Okami, but it’s definitely one of my FAVORITE DS games.

Forewarning, this game does have a bit of language in it. Not harsh language, but I’m not suggesting this for anyone under the age of . . . 12? It’s mild language, I don’t know how ratings go nowadays, they’ve become a bit less strict since I was young. Sooo I’m going by MY experience, because I’m a genius and all. (right . . . ) Anyway! Back to the game!
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Question . . .


Sorry for being so absent as of late; with removing wallpaper and painting + refinishing floors my time has been limited. Please do not be angry with me *whimper*

I just wanted to ask all of you a question, please answer in any way you see fit (rant, outlined format, etc). Brad and I are attending GDC this year and there is a panel that’s addressing “Are Girls the New Hardcore Gamers?” Brad has issues, as do I, with the term “hardcore.” I, personally, do not consider myself a hardcore gamer. I lean more towards the retro historical aspect of games and most of my experiences are directly effected by my previous experiences. I do not sit down and for five hours straight perfect my Halo technique, although I believe L4D2 and Uncharted 2 could potentially suck me in rather easily (one of the reasons I’m afraid to start playing them, hah)

So what do you consider “hardcore”?
AND do you believe that people tend to be more loose on the application of the term “hardcore” when it comes to girls?
Don’t be worried about making comments “too long” I really want to know what y’all think.
(and please don’t be worried about offending me)
Thx guys =)

Edit: Love the comments, I have another question to add on inspired by the comments. Are you more likely to avoid going after someone who identifies herself as female (to go easy on her in a fight), have you seen this happen?

It would make a bit of sense, I know that I had to knock a few males down before they took me seriously in different male dominated pastimes. However, I had a tendency to go easier when I was playing against girls because I was afraid I’d hurt them.


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Zelda: Spirit Tracks

I will say, first off, that anyone who says this game is better then Phantom Hourglass better check their water system because something in there is affecting their brain. While a decent game, Spirit Tracks is in no way better then Phantom Hourglass. I know that a lot of reviews claim that it is, I began to question my own view of this game because so many reviews were all gung ho about it, then I talked to someone else who was currently playing the game and they agreed. So I felt much better about my stance.
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Who knows if anyone actually cares about a review of the movie, but since it’s broken all box office records and finally topped “Titanic” as the top grossing film, I figure it was worth an article.

I have one main complaint about the film, and it’s not even about the film itself, it’s about the man who made it. I hate, HATE it when people make a movie all about their politics. I would like to simply go watch a movie and just not THINK about it, I want to take away from the movie what I think, not think about what someone else meant it to be. It’s one of the big pet peeves I have with certain English teachers as well . . . or Literature professors, they like to take their interpretation and force it on their students. I’ve experienced this several times and it drives me absolutely mad. I’ve also taken lower grades because of it. Yes, my professors have written in their notes that my personal interpretation is “wrong.” I’m not sure how a personal interpretation can be “wrong”, but whatever.
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Answer . . .

(The post I was talking about in “Ridiculous” that I was almost finished with)

Okay, first, I THINK I am almost finished with Spirit Tracks so expect a review on that soon. Of course, we all know Zelda, you always have that “Yay! I beat it!” then the game slaps you in your face and you realize you have another 450 hours of game play left! Joy!

Someone asked in the comments if I had an issue with “Disney” . . . that’s kind of a loaded question for me, it would probably be the same for Brad. If any of you ever sat in on one of mine and Brad’s conversations over a meal or just in general, we’re almost always talking about animation (Brad’s big thing) or music (one of my big things). Unfortunately it always ends up turning to what Disney has become.

I took a trip to Disneyworld maybe two years ago with Brad and his family. I absolutely loved spending time with Brad and walking around the park but NONE of it echoed my childhood. There were Finding Nemo rides and a new Toy Story one, BUT I was excited to see that they had a Muppet show that they did. Otherwise, it was just a bit depressing, it took me the entire week to find Chip and Dale, two of my favorite Disney characters, staples of my childhood. Even Brad was a bit upset to see that some of his favorite parts of Disneyworld had been altered. We would go into toy stores and we’d see CGI Winnie the Pooh or some freaky Mickey Mouse interpretation. CGI Disney characters are weird and scary looking. I don’t think things that were obviously meant to be animated and 2d should be altered in any way, but Disney has to keep up with what’s “hip”
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Nostalgia . . .

“My hope still is to leave the world a bit better than when I got here.”

This post was originally titled “Christmas Nostalgia”, but then I realized that the subject matter I was addressing could not be that narrow. I could not specifically stay on the subject of Christmas or the holidays, not with this.

The quote in this first line is from one of the heroes Brad and I both share, Jim Henson. As much as I’d hate to think that people have never heard of Jim Henson (I cannot refer to him by just one name, he’s too epic), I’m sure in this day and age . . . there are those who probably haven’t. Jim Henson was the master mind and creator behind the Muppets, his company worked on many projects including Star Wars and Alien. He was the driving force behind The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, and the many muppet movies that came out. He voiced that lovable green frog, Kermit.

Recently, his company released a youtube video that quickly went viral, The Muppets “Bohemian Rhapsody”

I chose that quote because I know it’s one of Brad’s favorites and it’s certainly one of mine. It’s something that we both hope to accomplish before we have to leave this world.

If anyone wants to get an idea of how Brad is inspired, this is the place to look.
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Professor Layton

Is it bad that whenever I start to say “Professor Layton and the Curious Village” a part of me wants to say “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”? No, I have never seen the movie, something about that title just has a rhythm to it, I guess.

In this review, you will get two in one. “The Curious Village” and “Diabolical Box” (such a diabolical box!) I’m still trying to figure out if maybe this game is just more streamlined towards chicks . . . (I was speaking to “educkface”, apparently he hasn’t beaten the first one but his younger sister has beaten both of them) Maybe it is just part of my personal eternal quest to prove that I do have a brain, considering the game is purely brain teasers.

Actually, I loved this game because it did remind me a lot of sitting around the dinner table, post-dinner, listening to my dad reading brain teasers out of a book. Since I think I was around 10 when this was happening, I wasn’t able to inject much into the conversation, but it was definitely interesting to listen to my whole family reasoning their way through them.

For those who may think this game is PURELY brain teasers, which I must admit . . . I was a bit worried that was the case, the game does have a amazing (and brain teasing) plot. Both games have a twist at the end and, while I was able to guess the end to the “Curious Village” PARTIALLY, I was completely lost on the “Diabolical Box. It was very nice to have an unpredictable ending, games can be so friggin predictable these days. No imagination or anything, just END CREDITS.
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