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Where’s World 3?


Well, most of it, at least. The public beta is live! Play through the entire game and help me get World 3 ready for its full release.

A few menus and such still need to be added later, but World 3’s been in development for long enough, amirite??

Oh, and like always, let me know what’s broken.

Fixed so far:


– Changed how the challenge scores work, which should fix the Beach (no idea why it was like that, thought I already fixed it).
– Bottle was missing from Misplaced.
– Fixed the pants menu.
– Adjusted the reset controls button in the menus.


– Biggest change is the pants color selector from the pause menu
– Option to reset controls from the main menu, in case something goes wrong (and I forgot that the game’s background is white, not grey, whoops)
– There was an extra star or something in Misplaced? Weird.
– Fixed Bat Spider’s congrats
– NPCs now only change your pants automatically the first time they congratulate you after beating their challenge.


– Ducks and Parrots fixed
– Music overlapping fixed


– Manly Beard fixed
– Music tweaks
– ‘quick sounds’ fixed (swimming, sand and puddle footsteps)
– rest of the dialog fixed (fingers crossed)
– Attacking ‘beard shockwaves’


– Factory and Cave Plats fixed
– I broke some controls earlier, fixed them
– NPCs change your pants color after victory message
– Moved Mountain Goat Course finish line


– Falling off the level while rolling
– Sliding into crabs
– Quitting from Beach scoreboard glitch
– Bumper tweaks


– Beach fix
– QTP on throne fix
– Beta is now certified beatable!


– Bunch of fixes, I’ll list them later
– I did break progressing passed the beach, though, and Mochi’s not letting me upload a new build, I’ll have to upload tomorrow. Hopefully, most of you can just skip it for now.


– Beach sand effects
– All moving platforms
– Bottles pop up message
– Forest background
– Baddie pile and dialoge
– HUD during pirate ship
– Places where you could jump out the level (sorry, heh)
– Yellow key room
– Disco effects
– All far foreground animations (tub drain, getting pencil, a few others).
– Rainbowbeard’s text size
– Tub music fade in repeat

I’m sure I’ve missed something, check the build and let me know, just make sure that 0.7 is showing in the top right at the first menu screen, otherwise clear your cache and refresh the page.

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FPA on PSN, 50% off!

To celebrate the launch of The Fancy Pants Adventures on iOS, FPA on PSN is currently 50% off! That’s right, you can have FPA on the go AND play 4 player matches online for less than 10 bucks!

Which reminds me, another weekend, another battling event!

Download FPA on PSN (I’ll be playing it on XBLA too, don’t worry) for only five bucks, then come beat me at some King of the Hill!

Here’s how:

Tomorrow (Saturday), at 5:00pm CST

Quick Match -> Player Match

I’ll be switching between the XBLA and PSN versions, like usual.

And for anyone who’s in a different time zone, check here.

Wow, that entire post sounded like an infomercial. That’s CRAAAAAAAZY! 😀

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App Update

So, right behind Apple’s own just released iPhoto, not a bad place to be!

Just wanted to address a few things. Hopefully, this page will come up if you’ve had trouble with the game and you Google around a bit.

Update: Build has been submitted to Apple, no idea how long it’ll take to go through, though.

Game size on phone: There was a slight error in packing up the game, and it expands to 1.1 gigs once installed. This is why the game isn’t installing on devices that have less than 1.1 gigs left, even though the filesize says under 300 megs in the App Store.

Save games disappearing: Apparently, progress is being lost when the game is started up again. Force quitting the game (double tap home, close the icon from the quick launch bar) and starting up the game again may restore the save file.

An update is coming soon that addresses both issues. File size on phone will be only slightly more than the download size. I don’t know if save files can be restored, but I’ll check.

Many apologies for any inconveniences you’re experiencing, I just wanted to let everyone know that Over the Top addressed both problems as soon as we knew about them, and an update is imminent!

Thank you so much, and I hope that you can enjoy the game even more in the future!

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First Fancy Pants League Event!

As is with all online games, it’s far more difficult to get a game going through online matchmaking than it was at launch in FPA on consoles.

Well, let’s fix that. every Saturday, at 5:00pm CST, I declare the first gathering of the Fancy Pants Online Racing / Battling League! The plan is to flood the servers all at once at that time so that matchmaking is able to do it’s thing once more.

So that we’re all in the same matchmaking pool, go to:

Quick Match -> Player Match

If there isn’t a room waiting, go ahead and make one.

I won’t be joining any groups or playing story mode, just going back into matchmaking over and over.

I’ll be switching between the XBLA and PSN versions.

So hop online and bring your a-game, there’s a good chance we’ll be smacking each other around with pencils. In the very least, everyone should finally be able to play a 4 player match again!

Once more:

Saturday, 5:00 CST, Quick Match -> Player Match.

And I’m DrNeroCF on both services, see you online!

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Fancy Pants Racing/Battling League!

Sup everyone? So, FPA on 360 and PS3 has been out for a while now, and as is usually the case with online games, it’s much more difficult to find an online game, much less one with 4 people in it.

So, I propose we pick a day and a time to flood the servers and reach critical mass. I’ll be there, too, so bring your A game!

What day would work best for you guys, what time? (in CST, if you please) Once we have something decided, I’ll announce it on the Facebook/Twitters, and we’ll see what happens!

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Ninja Update

Just a quick upload for the Sneak Peek, fixes a lot of the issues, though baddies getting stuck because you stomped or jumppaded next to them is still in there. Cave plat room is fixed and colored, super backflip fixed, probably a few other things. Oh, I went back to the old root scrolling method, mixed with individual clips for zooming, should be much faster for anyone complaining about performance.

One of the bigger changes is how Ninjas are fought. They’re ninjas, so they have a ton of health, but you can easily overpower them with a strong pencil swing! Taking them head on should be more effective now, instead of cheaper tactics. I’d like everyone to check out Ninsplosion and see how their scores compare to before.

Got a lot of progress done on later World 3 levels, too, which is good news, but you guys can’t see that quite yet 😉

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iOS release and more World 3

What’s up everyone? Hope you’re all enjoying the holidays so far!

So I’ve posted this around on the Facebook and Twitters, but just for the sake of completeness, I’ll post it here, too. The Fancy Pants Adventures is coming out for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad January of 2012! I can’t say too much more about it yet, but you should be hearing more very soon. I can say, though, that we’ve spent a lot of time on the controls, making sure they’re easy to press and super responsive, and they stand up to the best I’ve seen on iOS.

But don’t forget about about World 3! I’d want to release it as soon as possible after FPA goes live on the App Store, so I guess you can consider that sort of a release date, as long as everything goes well.

As for the Sneak Peek, I’ve been working on painting a water level recently, and ended up tweaking the swimming a bit, just because it was bugging me. Tightened up the controls, fixed up a few animations, and smoothed out the camera a bit. Let me know how it feels, or if you even notice a difference. Or if I broke everything.

And finally, I have something coming up in the Sneak Peek Christmas, check back soon!

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Misplaced Cave

Wow! Even though we’re between the launch of FPA on consoles and the release of World 3 online, our Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers continue to rise at an awesome rate.

We’re over 50k Likes + Follows, and as promised, I’ve added some new content to the Sneak Peek. Since I’ve been pretty quiet lately, I figured I should make this update count.

So, there’s now two main levels in the Sneak Peek: Squiggleville and Misplaced Cave! It’s one of the later levels in the game, is easily one of my favorites. Lot’s of alternate paths, and tons of places to perform stunts on.

Here’s the deal, though. I just finished up the Beach levels, so Caves isn’t quite finished yet. But that’s okay! As I work on it, I’ll update the Sneak Peek and post about the progress, so you’ll get to see what goes in to every single level in World 3 (aka, why isn’t World 3 out yet??). Every level has a MiniTrial, challenge level, hidden level, and nooks and crannies to explore, so you’ll be getting a ton of new content as the level progresses. It’s also an excuse for me to make new posts about what I’m currently working on.

To start us off:

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More Baddie Fun


So, I’ve gone and opened up Squiggleville for general use in the baddie beta, and also added a few new things. The Baddie Beta and everything else I’ve added has been moved into a ‘Behind the Curtain’ level, the newest there is a test level that I built while testing out the new collision. Hopefully you’ll be able to see what I’ve changed, and how it plays differently (as well as lots of Snailshell bugs, sorry!), as well as a few new platform tests which I find particularly neat (and took a long time to build!). If anyone’s interested in the actual changes and code behind the update, I can make a video on it later or something, though either way, we’re way past due for a video.

If anyone finds bugs in any level, please EMAIL me the replay, DON’T post it in the comments!

Sneak Peak Beta

Got some new additions to the baddie arena. This should be the last update before I put the arena into the greater Sneak Peek, and everyone will be able to play with the newest changes.

Added a few new baddies. I’m not sure if I’ll be taking any more baddie submissions, if something awesome comes my way, I’ll certainly throw it in, I’ll just have to be a bit more picky this time.

Lots of subtle little changes in the combat, so you might not feel anything in particular, but everything should feel a little more solid, and scores should go up a tad. Experimenting with a little health bar, and a bit of an auto lunge, and a few more accurate ways of auto aiming the combat.

Since I’ve said I’ll be adding something extra to the Sneak Peek, and I always say that I want everyone to know more about what goes on behind the scenes, I’m thinking of adding a few of the test levels that I use to try out new code and check for bugs. Should be a fun peek behind the curtain, maybe it’ll give everyone an insight on the parts of the game making process that don’t make it into the final release.

Oh right, something much bigger but very very boring, I’ve added some code to compress the replay arrays a tremendous amount. Once I unleash the new collision on to Squiggleville, I have a feeling that lots of replays will need to be sent so that I can squash all the new awesome bugs I created. A few fixes to the ledge hanging code, also boring, still a little buggy 🙁

As a tiny bonus, I’ll let everyone see the progress I’ve made with swimming. Lots of little things to make the water feel more alive, just a few new animations, you’ll see soon enough!

And again, so many thanks to everyone who submitted baddies to make combat debugging a little less horribly boring!

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Time For Some Fun

Quick Update:
Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. I’ve been going between actually trying to finish World 3 and making things for the Sneak Peek lately, today I finally make some code that will compress those crazy long replay arrays, which I wanted to do before pushing out another version of the Sneak Peek. I changed a ton of the collision since, so I wanted to makes replays easier to pass around before uploading a build that I’ll probably need to debug some more.

I haven’t added any baddies to the beta since last upload, but I’ll probably throw a few more in before the big update. We’ll actually be at 40k Likes / Follows pretty soon (I seriously wasn’t expecting that to happen this soon, thank you everyone!), so the public Sneak Peek update is going to have 2 big additions to it. There’s a few things that I’ve been touching up on my side that I’ll point out, too, so it’s a pretty substantial update coming out.

I still don’t think I’ve taken enough advantage of the fact that I really can just upload stuff that I’m working on for everyone to see, so I’m going to try to show off some more behind the curtains things that will actually be playable, that should be pretty cool too.

tl;dr: I’ve gotten a good amount done on actually advancing World 3, so I’m going to be doing some more work on the Sneak Peek this week. Fun times for all!

Talk to everyone soon!

Update 6:
Lots of bug fixes, keep sending those bugged out arrays, guys, I can’t tell you how much they help!

I’m at the point where I have to start working on World 3 again, so once we all debug this version, I’ll get a baddie room up in the main Sneak Peek build. That means I won’t be able to spend as much time putting baddies in, so it might take me awhile. Mostly depends on how awesome it is and how much work it would be, so make sure you fool my fla guide!

Again, don’t put replays in the comments! Email them!

Thanks again to everyone, you’re beyond awesome

(might need to empty your cache)

Fixes to the Parrot, a few more enemies, enemies all cycle once before going random, plus everything else:

Here’s where it gets fun, for me at least. Now that I have enough baddie mass to really stress test the gameplay, I started going through and making actual tweaks to how FPM controls. Here’s the list of the latest changes, please leave feedback in the comments!

– FPM runs bit faster while holding pencil, feels less sluggish, but there’s still a contrast
– Much larger reach with the charged attacks, give you another reason to fully charge them
– Changed the deceleration, shouldn’t run into baddies as easily if you miss
– Can change directions while poking, or while doing the 3 hit combo
– Gave the attack hits on all baddies a red tint, better feedback.
– Separated stomped and hit clips, so stomping something doesn’t turn it red
– Some fixes to the Parrots, but I think they still don’t work quite right… Should work next (this) time

Now, I’m not making these changes specifically to make the game easier, but, the game should start feeling better and control more intuitively, so keep an eye on your high scores, they should be going up.

Let me know if there’s anything that still feels wrong, like if you get hurt when you think you shouldn’t, or don’t hit a baddie when you think you should. I need to add the replay system back in so you can just send me a replay when something ‘wrong’ happens.

If you guys can send me baddies that aren’t really animated, I can just give them springy type animation routines, should be able to tell what I mean if you play the beta long enough.

Baddie Beta

Original Post:

Sheesh, it sure has been quiet around here, hasn’t it? So then, what’s been going on? Well, I’ve been working on World 3 again (remember, FPA on console was made by an entire team, we didn’t just charge you for a Flash game!), but I’ve also been keeping an eye on the XBLA and PSN games. The main reason you guys haven’t really heard from me lately, PSN’s been down, and well, we can’t really plan for the future until we a firm grasp on how sales are going. PSN’s finally back up (and FPA’s on sale for 5 bucks!), but it’ll still be awhile until we know how we did.

I have been reading all of the reviews, though, and one thing that I think is really disappointing is, well, a lot of reviewers don’t seem to really like combat. So my plan was to tighten it up for the World 3 release. But that’s pretty boring, so here’s where you guys come in.

Make me stuff to beat up! I’m gonna be testing combat, and I’m tired of beating up spiders!

Yep! I’ll go ahead and add a baddie room to the Sneak Peek for hitting over 30k Likes plus Follows, and you guys can help keep me amused. I’ll start us out with some ninjas, and I’ll leave the rest up to everyone else!

Once that’s in there, I’d love your help debugging combat, comparing it with the console version, and letting me know what works, or what needs to be fixed still. I’ve been tweaking it a bit already, so we’ll see how much more work needs to be done.

Here’s how this is going to work:

Download this file (you might need to right click, save as). It should be Flash 8 now, anyone want to confirm it works? You can download a demo of Flash at

Actually, if you want to avoid the stupid Akamai downloader, just get the trial here (I swear, if Adobe has the option to do something easily or stupidly, they’ll choose stupidly every single time).

If you’re using CS5.5, though, please do a file, save as, and send me a CS5 fla, please!

Replace the spider’s individual clips with your own art, and rename all the ‘spider’s to something unique.

Email it back.

Play the Sneak Peek online, beat up tons of random baddies!

Tell me how the combat feels.

A few guidelines:

Don’t send me other people’s art, without their permission. This includes Nintendo’s and SEGA’s, so don’t just send me sprites, or anything that breaks someone’s copyright (your own parody art is fine).

Nothing vulgar, and nothing boring!

I don’t claim to own anyone else’s art, it’s just all in good fun, and just for the demo. I won’t be using any art for financial gain (other than helping to spread the word about FPA on console), and I’m not planning on using anything in World 3.

I’ll let everyone know when the first round is up. I haven’t uploaded anything yet, though. I’m going to try to make a video about it tomorrow, if you’re not sure how to edit the fla, I should have something in there for ya.

TL,DR: Testing combat is boring, help me out!

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Welcome Back Sale!

Just a quick heads up before I actually start posting again following the two months of post launch silence. If you’re still holding out, The Fancy Pants Adventures is on sale for 5 bucks on PSN as part of EA’s own Welcome Back program for Playstation Plus members (brotip: Sony’s giving out a free month of PSPlus as part of the original welcome back package). Sale ends on the 21st, so tell your friends!

Not a bad deal, eh?

(just to clarify, US Store only, I believe)

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Checking in

Not too much to report, I’m afraid. So we’re launched on XBLA, but we won’t really know how everything is going until PSN is back online. What timing, eh?

Oh, and my 360 decided to start freezing up. Not red ringing, just freezing randomly. So that’s lovely…

But, on a lighter note, I’m pretty eager to get back to working on World 3, so I’ll probably make a wrap up video once PSN goes back online, then go back to the World 3 reports.

I’ll be adding a few more things to the Sneak Peek as progress is made on World 3. I have a few ideas to involve everyone online in some shenanigans, which I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, so we’ll see how that turns out.

Oh yeah, and we have forums! There’s some things that I’m more inclined to post about in the forums than on the site itself, so if you want a peek into more behind the scenes-y stuff (or just listening to me geek out about video games), that’s your best bet.

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Pencil in Sneak Peek

Happy Easter!

Update: New build up, Snail should be working well enough, it might freeze up if you whack it around enough, I’ll take a look at that later.

Don’t worry about bugs just yet, I was trying to get the pencil in there soon as I could, and I’ve been kinda sick since launch (I think my body shut down once the game was finally out!), but, I’ll be going through it in the next few days.

Try playing the Sneak Peek at, if it still hasn’t updated yet, I gueeessssss you can play it here (but you might need to just clear your cache).

The combat is probably the most different thing between the console and Flash games, I’d like to hear what everyone things about the differences, which one feels better and all that.

Head’s still all stuffed up still, posts about the, well, game launching, coming later.

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