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You probably know me for my Flash game series, The Fancy Pants Adventure.


Full Mirror’s Edge 2D Network Beta released!

We’re still calling it beta because there’s still a few bugs to iron out with the saving and loading, but that’s the full game there. Playing the game while logged in should be far more stable, so that’s the recommended way to go (plus your game will be saved no matter the computer, so I heavily recommend it anyway).

Of course, if you encounter any bugs, be sure to let me know, there’s a leave feedback button on the page. I’ll be trying to patch everything up throughout the week…

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Happy ’09 / baddies in the beta

Another year and another promise to update this site more often, heh.

Got a new build of Mirror’s Edge 2D up yet again, but this one adds a little something special.

I’m adding ‘evidence’ to this build. Evidence is another set of collectible items, but they’re only found in smaller rooms, protected by the bad guys. Yep, that’s right, you’ll be able to check out how I’m handling baddies in this build! The one baddie room I have in there right now is very simple and fairly easy, but it’s just the first one, so don’t worry about that.

A few tips for collecting evidence:
– You’ll have to find the room hidden in the main level, remember, look for red.
– Your health will regenerate pretty quickly, cover is your friend!
– Watch where he’s looking. Time your running appropriately.
– If you die while carrying evidence out of the level, you’ll drop it.
– If you’re pinned down, wait for him to reload.
– Duck!

I wanted to include this in the beta since it’s quite a bit different from how bad guys are handled in ME3D. I’d like to see what you guys think of it.

Play Mirror’s Edge 2D Beta

Also of note, hitting R while paused now will reset your lap, instead of reloading the entire level. Should be useful for for speed runs.

And last but not least, a round of apologies for my terrible temporary background artwork in the baddie level.

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Christmas updates


Just in time for Christmas Eve!

World 2 Santafied

World 2, Santafied 😀 Click the picture to play.

Wish I could have changed more, but I had vastly underestimated the amount of hair clips I had to change (seventy billion, I believe). There’s probably a few mistakes in there, but oh well.

Here’s another present. When the game is paused, you can change the jump button to whatever you want. If Fancy Pants Man isn’t jumping, you might have accidently changed the jump button. Hit space to pause and press whatever you want jump to be. It’s still just a little quick and dirty hack, but I figured someone might want to use it.

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year, so I figured I should come out of radio silence to wish everyone a merry Christmas or whatever happy holiday of your choosing.

We’re still way hard at work on Mirror’s Edge 2D, but I still wanted make some noise on the internets and send a few Fancy Pants digital presents to everyone out there.

Don’t worry, I’ll add more as I make them.


Click for full size version (1920×1200, pretty massive). If you need a different size, go ahead and request it in the comments.


“Christmas: If it moves, put a Santa hat on it.”

480 x 272

I knew the little guy would come around, eventually. Hmm, wonder what’s in the box…

Also, feel free to request anything, icons, wallpapers, character art, (art for a different religious holiday?), etc… Tis the season of giving, after all (though I know I’m cutting it sort of close to Christmas day, I know!).

Maybe I should make it a New Years resolution to post more art and fun stuff on the site :/

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We interupt your regularly scheduled programming…

Since ‘Borne Games‘ is really just one person, you’re going to get a few posts on here that are far more more personal than business, and I think that this really deserves a post, so here’s the link to the Mirror’s Edge 2D Beta post, first off.


Notice something there?

As of November 26th, Jenna (FairlyObvious in the forums) and I are engaged!



Not a bad setting for a proposal, no?


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Mirror’s Edge 2D Beta

Brad Borne and Electronic Arts are partnering up for the release of Mirror’s Edge 2D!

I made a post about it in the forum a few days ago, but it looks like the news is out, so here’s the official post about it.

We’re still a week or two away from full launch, but I’d like to get as much feedback about the beta as possible, so if you find anything glitching out, or anything you’d like to comment on, just comment this post.

Update: Just added a timer, lets see those scores! Finish the level to store best time.

Play the beta here!

To anyone having problems with high jumping from ledges:

Run at the ledge

Jump right before you hit it (or go too high from a wall climb)

Hold jump when she snaps to it

Keep holding jump

Annnd yeah

Criticism and responses: there has been a ton of aspects of the game that have been tweaked to address some criticism. I’ll try to address things that I’m not changing, or won’t add until the final game (most likely, at least) here:


There will be some sections with enemies (like, mini-levels), if I can get the balance right and keep it fun. Basically, enemies slow the player down, I know that most people want to keep moving on big sections.

Wall jump / jump is too powerful / not realistic enough

Well, yes, the wall jump probably seems to powerful in this level. I had it toned down much more at first, but that made Level 2 impossible in some parts. Same thing with the jump height. Certain level designs just aren’t possible if I keep the movement too conservative. And this is 2d, I need to use those two d’s as much as I can! That means lots of vertical ground covered, far more than in the console counterpart.

Re-mappable controls

This definitely highlights my hatred of the keyboard as the standard of input for computer games, but what can I do about that (besides tell you guys to use joytokey, darwiinremote, gamepad companion, etc)? Re-mappable controls are only necessary when games get too complex, devs ignore standards, or in the case of PC gaming, there are hardly any standards at all. I’ll try and add a few different control types to the game if I have the time, but I like to try and keep all my games so that the arrow keys map to the d-pad, and the WASD map to the face buttons. Basically, I’m a console gamer developing for a mouse and keyboard input scheme.

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FPA on Facebook

Play World 2 on Facebook! Add it to your wall/boxes/whatever it is now and invite all your friends (plz)!

Woo! Finally, some real news! This has been one of my side projects, to got FPA in it’s own app on Facebook, thanks to the guys at J2Play.

So, what does this mean to the users, besides a new set of badges to collect, and yet another rainbow of pants to earn? Well, awesomely, the J2Play wrapper addresses one of the most common problems with online games: if someone were to play a level or two at school, or on a public computer, their progress is lost the next time they play the game. Not to mention that Flash’s local saving doesn’t work 100% of the time. Through J2Play’s API, I’m able to save all of your achievements and settings, and retrieve them again based on your Facebook profile. Basically, you can play World 2 on any computer and still have your game saved as long as you’re logged into Facebook. Very useful when you’re trying to save up 100,000 squiggles for the final squiggle badge!

If you don’t have a Facebook profile, J2Play supports a bunch of other social networking sites, but Facebook is the first that we’ve published to. Let me know what networks you want to see FPA on! Here’s their list of supported social sites.

(added the full sized version of the Faceboook app icon to the art section)

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Makin’ gamez

Hey again. Sadly, still nothing new to report, but I figure I could try something a bit different for this post.

I know a lot of people out there are trying to get a grip on making Flash games, and a good lot of you would settle for being able to create something fairly simple. So, what I want to ask of all you readers out there is this: what would a platformer level editor need in it to be worth making levels in? And before you ask, I’m thinking something tile based, like Super Mario Bros., not exactly a Fancy Pants Adventure fully featured level editor. I’d like to know what you would consider to be absolutely essential to you, and what would be just cool to have. What sort of set pieces would you want? How much control over the terrain would you need? Items, keys, weapons, doors, gates? That sort of stuff. Well, now that I’ve opened the flood gates here, be creative! Let’s see what ya got.

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Checking in…

Sheesh, has it really been over a month since I posted on here? Guess so… [edit: almost, I was looking at the posts from the iPhone app, it was missing a post] I had to take on some contract work to pay the bills again, so there’s really not much I can talk about there. Fraser’s Ride is still being worked on slowly, now sporting even more nifty graphical enhancements. We’re in the processes of replacing all of the old temporary sounds with new stuff created by TommyLM, and getting sounds in Flash, organized, able to play in stereo, and not load on the first frame is the longest, stupidest workflow that I ever did see. Also need to adapt the backgrounds to work with the new graphical code, blech.

Can’t wait to be working on stuff that I can involve you guys in again. Remember the days of the Worlod World 2 beta? Good times indeed 😀

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All’s well

I’ve been posting in the forum and in the comments, but I figured I should finally make a post.

Anyways, everything’s back to normal over here, no damage whatsoever, and the city doesn’t look dead like it did after Katrina. So it looks like we’ll be okay, for now…

And, because I can, some shots from one of the Fraser’s Ride cinematics:

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Big Stupid Hurricane

Case anyone was wondering, there’s a big stupid hurricane approaching my house at the moment. I’ll be driving over to Fairly’s parents’ house with Chuck and Norris and my computer and some other stuff. I’m backing all my Flash stuff up to DVDs at the moment, I’ll try to keep you guys updated…

[4:43 AM] Update: that didn’t go so well, took us 2 and a half hours to drive 10 miles. So we’re back at the house for now, going to try again tomorrow when all lanes are outbound (Hey kids! Today’s word is ‘contraflow’!). I’m fairly positive that the city won’t take a beating that it can’t recover from (I live in Metairie, we were one of the first to bounce back after Katrina), but any damage whatsoever could destroy morale over here and absolutely kill our ecconomy.


I’m sure we could use as many prayers as possible right now.

That, and European levees, I hear those things rock.

God help us…

[Update, Sunday night-ish] The short story is, heading east would have taken forever with the traffic and road closings, so we headed west to stay at an aunt and uncle’s house, so now I’m here, along with Fairly, all the cousins who live here, a smattering of other family members, and everything that I need to stay dry for work.

While the power’s still on, we’ve been playing Brawl and Castle Crashers, major congrats to Tom and Dan on that one, it’s a blast to play with 3 other players.

Poor Chuck and Norris, they’ve been stuck in a cage in the garage, along with two other cats who are just a bit too old to make new friends… (not all in the same cage!)

Funny, though, I don’t really mind the idea of all this blogging stuff right now, guess it’s because I’m not just going about my boring daily life today…

Anyways, hurricane winds should start up in, oh, about 8 hours from now, fun :-/

[Monday morning] Right on time, power’s out. Cell towers feel like they’re overloaded. Bah.

Tree fail:

[Monday night] Syphoned gas for the generator from my uncle’s car after some trouble. Finishing watching Jurassic Park with Jenna and the family on VHS on my 40 inch LCD I plugged into a backup generator: Serious Business.

For the record, my friend and I played Starcraft on backup power in our college library after Katina hit 3 years ago. Also Serious Business.

Fun fact: The days we got off from school after Katina hit was the first time I started seriously working on FPA.

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Fraser’s Ride update

You know what I really hate? Keeping a game a secret. I’d probably tell you guys about a lot more if half the stuff I fool around with never sees the light of day. But for now, here’s a peek at Fraser’s Ride!

(click on an image to view the description, click again to view the image full-sized)

And just for fun, here’s some shots of the last build we showed the interwebs:

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Games today

First off, sorry for the complete lack of posting lately, I’ve got so much going on behind the scenes right (some ‘pay the bills’ client work, as well as some really exciting stuff) now that getting to the blog isn’t as easy as I’d like. I still try to leave comments and poke around the forum while stuff is compiling (around 15 seconds for Fraser’s Ride, a full minute for World 2, yikes!), but for the most part, here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve been holding off on that I wanted to try and address.

My last post mentioned the Too Human demo, and gaming sites have been reviewing the game sense, but the sort of stuff that really bugs me about the game is stuff that you never find in reviews. Game reviews always try to stay objective and non-biased, and I really think that that’s the worst possible way to review a game. Anyways, the first thing that really bothered me about that demo how you can shake the joystick back and forth, and your character freaks out back and forth, facing whichever way you were turning. Now, I know I always discount realistic physics in games, but I think there’s an important distinction to be make. I love physics in games, even (especially?) animations that imply physics with no sort of real impact on the game. I love taking sharp turns in Jet Set Radio and watching the skater lean into the turn, I think the heavy weight of the main character in GTAIV feels great, if not a bit unresponsive. 2d RARE games always had a great sense of momentum (Snake Rattle N’ Roll, DKC, even Battletoads). I always stress games giving feedback to the player, and when a game can portray a sense of weight, that’s what much more data being sent to the player to round out the experience. The original Metal Gear Solid had a problem with that, and today, letting your character turn on a dime is just unacceptable. Holding the joystick at an enemy and watching Balder hack away at a enemy just feels terrible. It’s basically the polar opposite of what the Wii is about, I intend for that enemy to be attacked, and Balder just does his thing, everything in between is left out. In this case, there’s not even a mashed button or tilted joystick to relate to each strike.

Anyways, thought I’d just like to address that, since it seems like ‘next-gen’ means something different to everyone. Plus, I guess I just really, really liked Silicon Knight’s awesome Gamecube game, Eternal Darkness.

[fyi: I’m terrible at writing long blog entries, I keep getting distracted and walking away from my computer]

Lets see, what else can I throw my 2 cents in on… Ah, the age old debate of ‘games as art.’ Duh video games are art, and not just because they’re made up of other arts, like music and graphics. Art is nothing more than a creation that’s meant to be interacted with. Most art is one-sided, to be looked at, or to be listened to. Today, people like to make crazy things that they consider art, like a leaky faucet, or a light up floor. Gameplay itself is an art, the way a person interacts with a game, the emotions and other data sent to the player, and the player’s reaction. This itself is an art. I would argue that video games as they are today are an imperfect art, in the same sense that gazing at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel through a 3d ViewMaster would be an imperfect interaction with the art.

‘Game feel’ just isn’t emphasized enough nowadays, probably because people have such a hard time putting their finger on exactly what that means in the first place. You can’t really bullet-point that in a sales pitch or commercial. But I would say that the ‘feel’ of a video game is the most artistic part of it, the purest interaction, best when it’s subtle and detailed, and even mostly subconsciously conveyed to the player.

To an extent, though, I almost want to feel insulted when games are called art. I mean, that’s it? Only ‘art’? Like Oscar Wilde once wrote, ‘All art is quite useless’ (This is, however, the internet, where the more useless something is usually means the more awesome it is).

While I’m at it, ‘realistic’ physics rarely help gameplay, or the feel of a game. I tried out the Force Unleashed demo on ps3 recently, and sheesh, did they forget to put gameplay in there? I mean, grabbing a stormtrooper and watching him flail about was fun, well, the first time. After I was able to clear out a room and get one guy left so I could actually appreciate the ragdoll instead of just getting grenades exploded at me, there wasn’t all that much left to do with him. But the camera follows them if you throw them really far. Because throwing baddies really far is epic. Apparently.

Less tech demo and more game, please!

P.S. Almost forgot, behold! Chuck and Norris!

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Cabbage Ball shirts

Here’s something neat to start out my barrage of posts with. Every summer my grade school/grammar school’s men’s club does a summer cabbage ball program for the kids. It’s all over with now, but I had sponsored the team one of my younger cousins was on, so they got this on the back of their shirts, instead of the usual business card scans:

Fancy Cabbage Ball Shirts

Close up of the logo on my cousin at bat:

And they’re orange! Woo!

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iPhone / Too Human

So I just downloaded the WordPress app for my (pre 3G) iPhone, testing it out…

Playing the Too Human demo at the moment, haven’t really heard any buzz about it on the Internet (the demo, I mean, the Internet won’t shut up about the actual game).

Wow, it’s awful. Really, really bad. I’ll have to go into it a bit more once I’m back on the computer (that is, if you guys care), but all I keep hearing about is how much better the game gets every time the press sees it again. If that’s true, then the first versions must have been absolutely atrocious…

Maybe I should make a list of all the things wrong with the game and see if any of them get fixed…

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E3 ’08 aftermath

Lemme start off by apologizing to anyone who’s just came to my site to read about FPA. There’s plenty of links to FPA related content on the right… The rest of this is for those gamers out there who like to keep their eye on the industry. Really, first and foremost I’m a gamer, and I believe that the most important part of creating video games is having a love and understanding of the medium. So, I figure that posting as a gamer is just as relative to my blog as posting as a developer.

Anyways, about E3 ’08. Pretty disappointing eh? No matter what I tell myself, I still, I suppose by some terrible habit, act like E3 is still what it used to be. If you’re a serious gamer who likes to keep his eye on the gaming pipeline, E3 could be a lot like Christmas morning. In reality, it’s now about nothing more than talking numbers and bullet points for the shareholders and mainstream news outlets.

That’s really the truth of it. My inner gamer wants to claim how full of fail all 3 press conferences were, but come on, E3 isn’t what it used to be. Nintendo announced their next big thing, and if you haven’t heard about MotionPlus, I’d look into it, because it’s awesome. Aside from that, they’re being Nintendo and not announcing games until a month or two before they ship, just like Apple does.

Technically, I am part if the gaming industry, but being on this side of the fence is still pretty new to me, so I still geek out about game announcements just like I used to, so that’s why I’m even writing about it in the first place, haha. I still tend to root for Nintendo, but I have to remember that E3 in no way represents their full target audience. The E3 PRESS CONFERENCE is for the casuals, sneaky behind the scenes interviews done by gaming sites are for us ‘core gamers.’

Besides, Nintendo works on a little bit of math that goes something like this:

Casual games = $$$
$$$ = Zelda, Metroid, Mario, etc.

So as far as I’m concerned, Nintendo can make and sell as much casual software as it wants. Besides, that leaves a big empty space for other developers to fill.

Yeah… don’t really know why I choose this post to actually put that disclaimer up on… guess it finally just hit me how many people come to this site every day, and that this really is my site as well as just a blog…

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E3 ’08

I tend to get far more excited about e3 (the big show where Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all show off and announce new stuff), and no, I have nothing to show off for e3 as a developer, but as a gamer, I still can’t wait to see what Nintendo’s got up their sleeves. For those of you not scouring the internet for late breaking new, Microsoft just announced Miis for 360, to satisfy the legions of hardcore Gears of War players who complain that there is not enough of ‘teh kiddie’ on their console. Before Microsoft’s conference, Nintendo announced a new add-on to the Wii remote that allows the console to know exactly where the remote is being held, probably in case Microsoft announces a Wii-like controller (yet that was the only thing they didn’t copy…). And no, that’s not what the controller was supposed to be able to do in the first place, absolute positioning and reading tilt are two completely different things.

So yeah, Nintendo’s conference is usually the one that I look forward to most (as long as they’re not just announcing 4 player Pac-Man, that is…). I’m predicting WiiSports 2 bundled with the new MotionPlus peripheral, and there’s been rumblings of announcements of Animal Crossing Wii (it’s about time, I’d say) and Punch Out! Wii (and if that’s true, I’m positive it’ll use the TrueMotion add-on). Pikmin 3 is practically guaranteed, as is Nintendo showing at least something about a new Kid Icarus.

Might happen: TrueMotion bundled with WiiSports 2 for a good price (30 altogether? 40 at the most…), news that Nintendo actually cares about The Conduit (and a big thanks to High Voltage Software for that one), Animal Crossing Wii having some sort of ‘adventure’ single player game mode, and at least one other big ‘core’ game announcement.

Probably won’t happen but I wished it would: New awesome Star Fox game that’s a true sequel to Star Fox 64, new Zelda title that’s built from the ground up for Wii using TrueMotion, firmware update for USB MASS STORAGE SUPPORT AKA HARD DRIVES OR FLASH DRIVES for Wii downloads, a new Retro game (the guys who did the Metroid Prime trilogy), Disaster: Day of Crisis playable and almost finished, and finally: Red Steel 2 being shown off and looking as good as the first one almost was (I liked the first one a lot, the control was just terrible).

(and while I’m at it, New Super Mario Bros. 2 would rock)

So, what you guys looking forward to? Any predictions?

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… it’s my birthday today, 23 years here, most of those spent playing video games, the last few spent making video games.

Just thought I’d let you guys know, heh. By the way, can’t remember if I told you guys this yet or now, but I got a ton of awesome stuff in the works that I hope I can tell everyone about soon.

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Q&A pt 2, site updates

Alrighty then, so I finally got around to posting the second part of the Q&A session I recorded a few months ago. Yeah, I know, trust me, I’m still dealing with a lot of post World 2 release stuff. I’ve got a lot of cool stuff brewing in the background, though, I’m trying to set up a lot of stuff that FPA fans should like. Either way, check out the ‘videos’ tab under World 2 to view part 2. I think these questions are actually pretty interesting.

While on a ‘taking care of things that I should have done a long time ago’ kick, I updated a lot of the placeholder pages to the right. Game pages now have short little blurbs about them, and links to the game if there wasn’t one before. I still need to post images and stuff like that, but it’s better.

Also, and Fairly’s been bugging me about this one, I went and put some stuff up on the About Me pages, some info, a few pictures, if there’s anything else you guys think should be up there, go ahead and yell at me in the comments.

I’m going to try to get a few new shots up of Fraser’s Ride up, also.

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And back

Hey guys, I had a wedding to go to after Disney World, so I’ve been out of town for quite some time now. Not like a post so often that anyone would really notice, but hey. Anyways, you can check out the Flickr set with a handful of the pictures from the trip in it. I’ll probably post some of the funnier ones around in the forum.

Annnd, Fraser’s Ride is back in production, still a lot of work to be done until I’ll be happy with how it feels overall, but so far so good. I’m a bit worried, though, it’s more of a mellow experience of a game, not so sure about how Flash gamers will receive it. But oh well, I’m sure it’s good to diversify a bit. I’ll try to grab some screens or something once it shapes up a bit more.

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Fancy Pants a fighter?

Ever since I let it slip in World 2 that Fancy Pants Man was at one point in time planned as a fighter in Newgrounds Rumble, several people have asked me to somehow get him into the game, quite a few even going so far as to suggest that I make my own fighting game! Looks like enough people ended up spamming NegativeOne’s inbox, because he finally gave in and, yes, I finished Fancy Pants Man’s sprite sheet for Rumble.

To mark Rumble’s 1 year anniversary, and incidentally, Rumble’s winning of the 2008 Newgrounds Tank award, NegativeOne and I finally got the little guy into the game. It’s a definite clash of styles, but I think he’s a lot of fun to play as. So, NegativeOne, thanks for letting FPM be a part of Rumble (and sorry about all the code I used in his moveset! haha). Also, a big thank you to MindChamber for making the menu art assets for FPM.

As a warning, Newgrounds Rumble is rated teen for mild violence, mild text, and mild adult themes. It is, after all, a fighting game based on Newgrounds characters. Play Newgrounds Rumble here.

So, there’s the latest reason why I haven’t been updating my site. Well, that and I’m at Disney World, haha.

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